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Starting and growing intimate, connected and thriving marriages.


Is Your Marriage Needing Help?

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Increase Intimacy

Connect deeply and intentionally.

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Resolve Conflict

Learn healthy ways to fight fair.

Accept Differences

Gain clarity on expectations.

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Rebuild Trust

Accept responsibility, forgive and grow.


Here’s how we help —

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Marriage Coaching

We offer a safe place to strengthen, grow and heal your marriage.


Premarital Coaching

Start your marriage with a strong foundation using the SYMBIS assessment or the PREPARE/ENRICH.


Groups and Events

Gather with others in our classes and retreats that offer marriage enrichment.


We were designed for passionate connection and belonging, that's why we want to help you with marriage matters. Let’s connect.


Let’s connect today!

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Enjoy the Love of Your Life!


Deeper Connection

Develop skills for growing emotional, physical and spiritual intimacy and deeper friendship.


Better Communication

Learn how to connect with each other beyond words and really hear and be heard.


Clearer Understanding

Clarify your strengths, personalities and expectations so you can delight in your differences.


“In one word, we were stuck. Jeff and Lora walked with us through one of the most difficult times in our marriage and helped us find a way forward. Our time with them, individually and as a couple, has given us the skills to thrive in our new life together!”

Samuel and Heidi J.

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Bottom line: Every marriage is either growing or dying. There’s no in-between. An intimate marriage requires intentionality and a commitment to work. Let us help you invest in your marriage so you leave an awesome legacy and enjoy the love of your life!