Every traveler knows the value of a good map. Whether paper or digital, having a map allows us to move forward with confidence and clarity. In the same way, the Life Mapping process provides the time and space for you to gain clarity, explore possibilities and envision a new future for the next season of your life journey.

All of us have been created to live a life of purpose, passion and fulfillment. But times of confusion, transitions or restlessness can keep us from living fully and can make it difficult to clearly see our next steps. That’s when we need to intentionally look at our life journey and discover a new path.

The Life Mapping process is a two-day intensive that focuses on helping you clarify your passions, explore possibilities and envision a new future. Through conversations, exercises and several assessments you will be guided into a self-discovery process that will revisit your past, clarify your present and explore your future.

During the process, we will look at your life from many different points of view including personal, relational, vocational, emotional and spiritual. All of these important aspects of life must be integrated in order to live the life you were meant to live. Ultimately through this process, you will develop a written plan with specific action steps and timelines that will be your map for the next part of your journey.


Time Required: The Life Mapping Intensive requires two-days to complete. Additionally, time will be spent in preparation before the intensive (reading and taking assessments) and there will be two follow-up phone conversations.

Location: I facilitate the Life Mapping Intensive at my office in Franklin, Tennessee. The neutral environment provides an opportunity for you to completely break from your normal rhythm and routine.

Cost: $3,000 (includes all assessments). Travel, lodging and meals not included.