Wholehearted Marriage
Deeper Connecting from the Inside Out

This event will focus on growing a deeper emotional connection. Words and actions ultimately come from our heart. In this event, couples learn to understand the heart and develop a language to express what's going on inside to grow a Wholehearted Marriage.

At the core of our longing for an intimate marriage is the need to live wholehearted in a way that allows us to connect from the inside out. Research shows that the healthiest marriages are always built around safety, openness, vulnerability and empathic heart-to-heart conversation. In other words, the best marriages are emotionally intelligent. Using learnings from emotional intelligence, couples will grow in self-awareness, self-control, spouse-awareness and relational connection as we cover issues like:

  • What is a wholehearted marriage?

  • Understanding what's going on inside

  • Stopping the commotion by naming the emotion 

  • Types of heart issues that must be addressed

  • Heart to heart connection that goes the distance

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