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Enrich. Engage. Enjoy.

Whether you've been married for three months or three decades, most marriages can benefit from intentionally getting to know each other better. There's an old adage that says: A great relationship is about two things: First, appreciating the similarities and second, respecting the differences.

That's where understanding our personality styles can be so helpful in enriching our marriages and the Enneagram is an excellent resource. The Enneagram is a personality tool that explores more than just your preferences toward life. By understanding your and your spouse's Enneagram style at the Marriage Retreat, you will be able to: understand what motivates each of you and what trips you up, articulate the core emotions that impact you, discover how you communicate, and gain insight into how our personality impacts your spiritual growth. Join us for this awesome weekend!

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Using the insight from the Enneagram you will learn more about your motivators, stressors and communication styles.

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Connect deeply with each other through guided conversations and exercises to help you explore your marriage.

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Relax and enjoy 330 acres of beauty during extended break times, leisurely meals and a lack of interruption.

The Understanding Us Marriage retreat is an opportunity to spoil yourself and grow your marriage at Whitestone Country Inn, an East Tennessee “sanctuary for the soul” located less than three hours from Middle Tennessee. Led by marriage coaches and authors Jeff and Lora Helton, Understanding Us is your all-inclusive marriage weekend getaway.  You will be challenged as a couple to work on your marriage, grow together and gain some practical skills that you can immediately apply to intentionally grow deeper intimacy in your marriage. Enjoy relaxing couple time, valuable teaching sessions, delicious meals and a slower pace without the regular interruptions of life.

Pricing and Registration

10% discount if registered before 8/31/19

Pricing includes all teaching sessions, all meals and snacks and your two-night stay in the room of your choosing (price varies based on room type and availability and rooms are sold first come, first choice). Please go to www.whitestoneinn.com to see all the unique room choices and then return here to reserve your room. (Additional amenities such as a spa, canoe rentals, etc. are available for an additional fee.) 

All-Inclusive Room Pricing: 
Blue Heron $850.00
Bluebird $875.00
Indigo Bunting   $875.00
Meadowlark  $915.00
Chickadee   $915.00
Woodpecker Suite  $965.00
Goldfinch   $980.00
Hummingbird Suite  UNAVAILABLE
Falcon Suite  $990.00
Mallard Suite   $990.00
Cardinal   $990.00
Mockingbird   UNAVAILABLE
Oriole Suite   UNAVAILABLE
Osprey Suite   UNAVAILABLE
Whippoorwill Suite  UNAVAILABLE
Sparrow Suite  UNAVAILABLE
Eagle's Landing  UNAVAILABLE

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Your room will be confirmed once we have received your $200 non-refundable deposit. The remaining balance will be due by October 1. You are, of course, welcome to pay the full amount now.
Please list any food allergies or special requests.
After you register, you will receive a confirmation email with payment instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Enneagram: The Enneagram is a personality system that presents a useful template or map for understanding ourselves, the important people in our life, and the groups we work with. It describes nine ways of processing and responding to the world–a full spectrum of personality styles. We view the world through lenses which either bring great clarity or various degrees of distortion to our vision. The Enneagram enables us to look at our lenses instead of just looking through them. Prior to the Marriage Retreat you will be sent a link to take the Enneagram Profile online.

Lodging: Whitestone Country Inn is a beautiful bed and breakfast resort located on 300+ acres in East Tennessee. The entire property and all buildings give the appearance of a cozy New England village and is represented in each of the 22 individually decorated rooms. The rooms are spread out over the property in several different buildings. The dining area is located in the Farmhouse and our meetings will be in The Lion and The Lamb. You can see and choose your own room by looking at Whitestone's website.

Food and Drink: As part of the Marriage Retreat, all of yours meals are included. We will begin with dinner on Friday night and have three delicious meals on Saturday and a full breakfast on Sunday. Complimentary snacks and drinks are available throughout the day. While alcohol is not served at Whitestone, you are more than welcome to bring your own to enjoy with your meals. 

Schedule and Free Time: The Marriage Retreat is very different than a marriage conference. We desire that you have a lot of time as a couple to enjoy the beautiful location and relax and reconnect. On Saturday we have a four-hour block of time where you can hike, canoe, enjoy a couple's massage or take a nap! (Additional charges apply for some of these activities). We begin our weekend at 6:00 EST on Friday night and wrap-up before lunch on Sunday.

Programming: Over the course of the three days, we will have five 45-minute teaching sessions. Each session is followed-up with optional guided exercises for you and your spouse to spend time doing. These exercises will allow you to apply the content you've heard immediately.