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We provide coaching and training for individuals, couples and teams


Do You Want Better Relationships?

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For Yourself —

Gain clearer awareness of who you are, your purpose & how you connect in your relationships.

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With Your Team —

Develop stronger & more effective teams by growing relational & emotional intelligence in your workplace.

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In Your Marriage —

Learn how to intentionally grow intimacy so you can thrive & enjoy deeper connection.


“Jeff and Lora have been coaches and guides for us and many other people by providing coaching individually, for our marriage and in Chad’s career path. Whenever we are with either of them, we always walk away more confident in the area of relationship matters!”

- Chad and Renee M.

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Everything in our lives is impacted by the quality of our relationships.


Meet Jeff and Lora . . .

You know what it’s like when a relationship isn’t working well but you don’t know why? For 25 years, we’ve walked with individuals, couples and teams to provide guidance, hope and a plan for healthy relationships. 

Relationships can be hard. We all want meaningful relationships and a good life. The problem is that we can get stuck, confused, hopeless or ineffective and when that happens it’s often hard to see a way forward. We’ve experienced that in our own marriage. We personally know the pain of broken relationships and have been a part of teams that don’t function efficiently.

We also know that there is hope and a way forward in the midst of any of those relational challenges and that’s why we walk with people to guide them in relationship matters


Want to know more about us?

We’d be glad to tell you anything you want to know!


Who we work with —



Leading a team toward health, growth and achievement can be hard. We partner with you to create a plan for a healthier team, clearer strategy and greater results.


Intimate marriages require intentional growth. Whether you’re engaged, starting out or have been married for years, we offer guidance for your journey.



Is there an area where you desire growth? Do you feel stuck? Confused? Does something feel off? We will walk with you to clarify your purpose and a better way forward.


How we work —


1. Let’s Talk

Let’s have a brief phone call to see if it’s a good fit and we will make a plan to work together.

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2. We Meet

We will spend time together exploring the places where you desire to grow and create a plan for moving forward.


3. You Thrive!

As you begin to work your plan, you will experience greater joy, deeper connection and more effectiveness in your life and relationships.



Your relationships impact everything - your health, your success, your satisfaction in life. That's why we want to help you with relationship matters.


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