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Marriage Events for Churches

A Letter From Jeff and Lora

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Strong marriages create strong churches.

And yet, we live in a culture where marriages are constantly under attack and where many marriages simply do not have the tools needed. Many couples want stronger marriage but don't have any idea how to get there. Often, many of us in church leadership struggle to find the time to equip marriages with those tools. It doesn't have to be that way. You can help grow strong, healthy and Godly marriages in your church, and we would love to help you do that. As a pastor for over 25 years, Lora and I love to partner with local churches to provide content, experiences and events that train and equip marriages toward growth, connection, intimacy and godliness. There's no marriage too new or too old that can't continue to grow stronger.

Take a look at the marriage events we offer below and let's connect!

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Enjoy the Love of Your Life!
Intentionally Growing Intimacy

This workshop is designed to help intentionally grow intimacy in marriage as you Enjoy the Love of Your Life. Whether a marriage is strong and motivated or if a marriage is in a difficult season marked by hurts and disappointments, there's always room for growth in connection and intimacy.

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Understanding Us
Using the Enneagram to Enrich Marriage

In our Understanding Us workshop, we use the Enneagram, a personality assessment tool, to  help couples understand and celebrate their differences. Differences don't have to drive us apart. When properly understood they become the foundation of deep connection and love. 


Wholehearted Marriage
Deeper Connection from the Inside Out

This event will focus on growing a deeper emotional connection. Words and actions ultimately come from our heart. In this event, couples learn to understand the heart and develop a language to express what's going on inside to grow a Wholehearted Marriage.

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Fighting the Good Fight!
How Healthy Conflict Grows Intimacy in Marriage

Couples can learn how to have a “good fight” – one that honors God, respects their spouse and resolves real-life marital issues. Whether newlyweds or veterans of a long marriage, this workshop can give you the tools to grow intimacy in your marriage and grow in Fighting the Good Fight!


First 5
Five Foundational Truths for the First 5 Years of Marriage

Starting marriage right is the focus of First 5. This event introduces the five foundational truths for the first five years of marriage that help set couples up for a healthy, intimate, fulfilling and Godly marriage.


Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts

One of the greatest gifts for an engaged couple is providing them with a place to prepare for their marriage, not just their wedding! The SYMBIS event is a workshop that allows couples to explore key area that prepare them for a life-long marriage.

Lori and I have greatly benefited from the teaching, mentoring and coaching from Jeff and Lora. My brothers and I (and our families) have personally experienced their love and counseling in our own lives. Their marriage events are insightful, fun and will give couples opportunities to grow and connect better. I highly recommend them!
— Joe Katina, The Katinas