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Fighting the Good Fight!
How Healthy Conflict Grows Intimacy in Marriage

Couples can learn how to have a “good fight” – one that honors God, respects their spouse and resolves real-life marital issues. Whether newlyweds or veterans of a long marriage, this workshop can give you the tools to grow intimacy in your marriage and grow in Fighting the Good Fight

Research shows that the inability to resolve conflict in a healthy manner is the number one reason that marriages end in divorce. In other words, the problem is not conflict in marriage; the problem is the inability to have productive conflict that leads to resolution.

Drawing from Biblical truths and practical experience, the Fighting the Good Fight event will teach couples to:

  • Communicate more effectively

  • Identify negative conflict patterns and learn to stop using them

  • Learn their positive conflict style and how to use it well

  • Engage in conflict without damaging intimacy

  • Speak the truth in love to your spouse and work together through any situation or issue

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