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Enjoy the Love of Your Life
Intentionally Growing Intimacy

This workshop is designed to help intentionally grow intimacy in marriage as you Enjoy the Love of Your Life. Whether a marriage is strong and motivated or if a marriage is in a difficult season marked by hurts and disappointments, there's always room for growth in connection and intimacy.

At this event, couples will complete a self-evaluation of their current intimacy satisfaction level and develop action steps for how to grow in spiritual, emotional and physical intimacy. Additionally, through guided Couples Time, each marriage will create goals to take home to enrich their marriage. Key topics at the Enjoy the Love of Your Life Event include:

  • Biblical definition of marriage

  • The power of the marriage covenant

  • Identifying expectations and avoiding their pitfalls

  • A plan to intentionally invest in growing intimacy

  • How sexual and spiritual intimacy go together

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