The Season of Giving

With the arrival of November, it’s the time of year when we focus on giving. From Thanksgiving to giving gifts at Christmas, these next two months will provide multiple opportunities to focus on others. Often our giving starts with a simple act of kindness.

During Jonathan’s (our youngest child) junior year of high school, he picked up a hitch-hiker on a cold night and the beginning of a unique relationship was birthed. From a small act of kindness to an opportunity to get to know a homeless man and his story to rallying some friends to lavishly give, our high schooler taught us to be kind, take a risk and be generous. Here a short video of the story:

Without a doubt that was one of the very best Christmas seasons we’ve had as a family. Jonathan invited Mr. Dwayne to go to church with us on Christmas Eve and then to family dinner at the Franklin Waffle House!

As we enter this season of giving, remember that some of the greatest acts of giving begin with kindness. Mark Twain said it well: “Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”