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Jeff is an Executive Coach and Life Coach who specializes in organizational and relational health. Whether working with individuals, marriages or teams, Jeff loves helping others gain clarity, find direction, live free and function at their highest and best capacity. Clients describe Jeff's style as a balance of warm compassion, healthy support, wise insight and gentle confrontation. His focus is on helping clients gain the tools to make positive life changes.



Lora is passionate about providing a safe place to women where grace, empathy, acceptance and truth are offered. With her Masters degree in Clinical Psychology combined with years of life experience as a wife, mom and mentor, Lora guides women to develop self-compassion and self-acceptance as they discover the essence of who they are. She hopes that each woman will find a deeper sense of purpose through authentic and meaningful connections in the midst of imperfection. 



You are as likely to find Sarah sitting in a Ft Collins, Colorado coffee shop or off on an adventure with a group of good friends. Wherever she is, she is bringing energy and excitement (Enneagram 7) to the situation! In addition to being the Heltons' favorite daughter, Sarah handles all things administrative at WellSpring. If you need a quick response to a question about an upcoming event or need to host a conference or workshop, Sarah will help make it happen!